Safranoleum Pannonian Fennel Pollen 6 g

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Pannonian fennel pollen

Fennel pollen is also called the "spice of angels". A very exclusive spice because the aromatic umbel flowers are harvested and sorted by hand.

Pannonian fennel pollen

Fennel pollen is also called the “angel's spice”. A very exclusive spice because the aromatic umbels are harvested and selected by hand.

The flowers are picked, dried and sifted finely and finely many, many times. Pannonian fennel pollen is pollen from wild fennel.

The taste of fennel pollen is as unique as it is unmistakable: after two or three seconds it "explodes" in the mouth and takes on a very ethereal note. Of course they taste like fennel, but finer, more tender and elegant than the fennel seeds and there is a lot more: honey / liquorice, liquorice and more intense and less intense notes of its relatives anise, coriander and dill, not to be forgotten is an elegant hint of apricot , Lemon and especially tart pine on the finish. A very complex taste with a high proportion of umami.

Fennel pollen goes wonderfully with fish, veal, lamb, poultry, game, soups, sauces, pasta, risotti, tomatoes, vegetable dishes, salads, cheese and olive oil. They can also be used very well for desserts (sweet creams, cakes, sorbets, fruit, ice cream, etc.).

Tips: Fennel pollen does not tolerate long cooking times. They should be used as a final seasoning. Only add to the meal shortly before the end of cooking or, best of all, only at the table and enjoy. If you grind the pollen in a spice grinder (always fresh and rather coarse), then it will be even more intense and you will need even less of it.

Try fresh strawberries with sour cream and fennel pollen.


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